Ministry of Fisheries

Ministry of Fisheries The National Vision, Mission and Goal are for “A peaceful and prosperous Fiji” and to do so, we must be able to “rebuild confidence, stability and economic growth“. The principle of equitable sharing of the national wealth is now being undertaken through implementation of the Government Blue Print and Affirmative Action Plan. […]

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    Shark Diving research and Shark Observer stages to assist in scientific research during Fiji Shark Conservation and Awareness Project – International Year of the Shark 2009.

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Presentation Notes and References Article Index 4. Morphology6. Reproduction7. Sharks most likely seen by Divers in Fiji18. Ecology19. Sharks in Peril20. What can be done? 2. Sharks •• Marine• Carnivores: Predators, Filter Feeders and Scavengers•• Cartilaginous Skeleton• Body compressed laterally• 5-7 lateral Gills 3. Taxonomy •• Vertebrates• Chondrichthyes• Sharks Among many

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